Twelve Tips to Secure to Ensure Insurance Coverage for the Katrina and Rita Disasters

Policyholder Advisor & Alert

PUBLISHED ON: October 3, 2005

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First, Hurricane Katrina. Then,
Hurricane Rita. Insurance policyholders
of all types, corporations,
not-for-profit organizations,
municipalities, individuals and
others have been pummeled by the
devastation caused by these hurricanes.
Insurance companies, which
should be riding to the rescue, already have
begun circling the wagons to avoid paying claims.
The hurricanes have caused massive nationwide
dislocation of operations at many policyholder
locations. While losses will be enormous, so too
should the insurance recovery to cover those losses.
We set forth below twelve tips to assist in making
sure that policyholders obtain their fair share of the
insurance paid for with their hard-earned premium
dollars. Remember the first principle of insurance
recovery —The purpose of insurance is to insure.