Does Your Business Have the 'Horsepower' for Long-Term Success? Good Legal Advice Can Make the Difference Between First and Last

Commerce Magazine

PUBLISHED ON: July 17, 2008

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Anderson Kill has had significant success in maximizing insurance recoveries for policyholders in connection with environmental and toxic tort liability, products liability, professional liability, directors’ and officers’ liability, business interruption losses and many other types of insurance. Our Insurance Recovery lawyers practice almost exclusively in this area of law. Anderson Kill’s insurance resources are formidable. Our firm has experience handling most insurance coverage issues in almost every jurisdiction in the country. We have maintained our legal briefs, and those of the insurance companies, on computer databases along with many insurance industry documents. We know every nuance of the insurance industry’s favorite paths to coverage denial, and we know how to counter those defenses. We urge our clients to contact us after they suffer a “loss” of any kind in order to determine which insurance policies might provide coverage. Even before a loss happens, the company’s management should be considering how insurance policies may pay for potential losses. It is a misconception that insurance litigation is like every other litigation. For large claims, clients should consider law firms that have extensive experience with the type of insurance claim at issue. Insurance companies, when trying to avoid coverage, return to the same law firms over and over again. Policyholders trying to enforce their rights, and see the benefits of their premiums’ dollars, also should hire a law firm that has the resources and knowledge to best represent their interests.