Anderson Kill Offers Employers Required New York Mandatory Sexual Harassment Training and Voluntary Implicit Bias Training Workshops

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PUBLISHED ON: February 12, 2019

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As the #MeToo movement translates to policy, New York state and New York City have joined the growing list of jurisdictions mandating sexual harassment policies, posters, and training in the workplace. Effective October 9, 2018, employers are now required to host annual, mandatory interactive sexual harassment training for their employees and to promulgate a sexual harassment policy following the state’s model policy.  At the same time, companies across every industry have sought to promote diversity in the workplace by removing barriers to inclusion through implicit bias training. 

Accomplished employment and labor law attorney Dona Kahn has an extensive background in discrimination law, including allegations of sexual harassment and sexually hostile work environments.  Dona provides sexual harassment training workshops, which include:

1.  An explanation of sexual harassment.
2.  Examples of sexual harassment.
3.  Information concerning the federal and state laws covering sexual harassment and remedies available to victims.
4.  Information concerning employees’ rights to redress and the agencies or other places to lodge complaints.

In addition, Dona, along with her colleague, Luma Al-Shibib, co-chair of Anderson Kill’s Diversity Committee, provide implicit bias training workshops that examine:

1.  The concepts of diversity, inclusion, and implicit bias.
2.  The laws that are implicated in connection with these concepts.
3.  The effects of implicit bias in the workplace.
4.  How to counter implicit bias. 

If you are interested in Dona conducting a sexual harassment workshop, revising your sexual harassment policy, or conducting an investigation of an employee complaint of harassment or discrimination, please feel free contact her at your convenience at (212) 278-1812 or at  If you are interested in an implicit bias training workshop, please contact Dona or Luma, who can be reached at (212) 278-1048 or at