An Important Case For Both Wall Street And Amateur Sports


PUBLISHED ON: August 3, 2016

While the casual observer wouldn't think that a Wall Street trader would have much in common with an Olympic athlete, their respective organizations share a common status — both are exempt or immune from the antitrust laws. The short reason is that their respective organizations are both subject to federal regulation that would not otherwise function without an implied immunity. Read on for a more detailed legal analysis.


For those weekend warrior athletes, marathoners and triathlon participants, the Olympics are events that we watch with great interest, while pondering our dashed dreams of having participated at a younger age. Wearing shirts emblazoned with "USA" across their chests has brought many a proud moment to American athletes. What words would be allowed to appear next to "USA" was the crux of this litigation.

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Paul M. Kaplan is a shareholder in Anderson Kill’s New York office.