Enforce 2007 (Volume 5)


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PUBLISHED ON: March 11, 2007

Cover story: Scratching Each Others' Backs: Allocating Risk Between Product Manufactures And Retailers

Additional articles include:

  • Scratching Each Others' Backs - Allocating Risk Between Product Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Stock Option Backdating Claims - Are They Covered?
  • When Your Insurance Carrier Must Provide You A Second Attorney - Appointing No. 2 to Look Out for No. 1
  • Insurance Broker Malpractice - Pitfalls Arising Out Of The Broker-Client Relationship
  • Non-Insurance Indemnity Contracts Between Contractors and Subcontractors - Decision Puts New Onus On Subs
  • Risk Radar - Hot Topics to Watch in the Coming Months