The perfect condo?

Queens Ledger

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PUBLISHED ON: July 5, 2017

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You have made the largest purchase of your life to date: a beautiful new construction condominium unit. Prior to purchasing, you researched the best areas in New York City and decided that Queens was the hottest new area. You wanted in. At first, you were thrilled to be in your new home. Everyone has ooh’ed and aah’ed over the appliances, the finishes, and the view.

However, like any love affair, the sheen has quickly worn off. You realize that the proverbial warts you are now seeing on those appliances, in the floors, and perhaps even in the plumbing are going to require major surgery, and not just an over-the-counter drugstore type fix.

Although the law in this area is not straightforward, nor does it make a whole lot of sense, the law does provide some possible remedies.