Senior Counsel Jeff Gorell: Serves His Firm, His State and His Nation


PUBLISHED ON: May 26, 2011

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Our own Jeff Gorell, senior counsel at Anderson Kill Wood & Bender, serves the clients of our firm, serves the people of California in the state assembly and serves the American people as a senior intelligence offcer in the United States Navy on duty in Afghanistan.

We are very proud to have Jeff as a member of our team at Anderson Kill Wood & Bender. We also are proud of his service to his community, to the state of California and to the nation. All of us at the firm consider public service to be part of our daily duties, but few can match the sacrifices made by Jeff Gorell.

Gorell’s adult life has been lived in the public sector. Gorell worked for former California Gov. Pete Wilson as a speech writer. After Gov. Wilson left offce, Gorell served the California Manufacturers and Technology Association in Sacramento.

He came home to Ventura County where he served as a prosecutor in the offce of the District Attorney from 1999 until 2006. Long a member of the United States Navy Reserve, he was called to active duty in Afghanistan in 2004.

He later joined the Anderson Kill Wood & Bender offce. Adding huge value for the firm’s insurance recovery clients needing to interface effectively with government, Gorell brought to the table his strategic legal and political experience in large land development, agriculture, health care and energy issues and projects.

While practicing law and awaiting with wife Laura the birth of their first child together, Gorell campaigned for the 37th assembly seat, which covers a large portion of Ventura County.

All polls showed Gorell with a substantial lead. The stage was set. His hard work and the efforts of his campaign staff were paying off.

And then, on the eve of the election, the Navy ordered him to report for duty on March 18, 2011.

Gorell shook off the shock and won the election by nearly 20 points. Indications are that his margin of victory actually grew after the announcement he was being called to active duty.

Jeff never asked the Navy for dispensation, nor was any forthcoming. “I made a commitment to serve and I will serve,” he said.

Gorell’s team worked furiously to set up the offce for his departure from Sacramento. He can neither introduce legislation nor vote while he is out of the state, according to California law. But his offce can and does operate. Other legislators are carrying his bills forward.

He will return to Sacramento and Anderson Kill Wood & Bender in March of 2012. “We couldn’t be prouder of Jeff and his commitment to the people of his district, the state of California and the citizens of the United States. It is an honor to have him as a member of our firm,” shareholders David E. Wood and David P. Bender Jr. said.