White Collar Crime


Anderson Kill's White Collar Crime Group assist clients in criminal and other government enforcement matters as well as internal or regulatory investigations. These matters involve the very highest stakes, requiring lawyers with decades of experience on both sides of the bar. Our practice is national in scope, handling investigations, litigation, and compliance issues throughout the United States.

Most of the attorneys in Anderson Kill's White Collar Crime Group are former prosecutors, many with decades of experience in criminal prosecution and defense. The depth and range of the Group's experience in criminal, civil and administrative matters provides corporate clients and individuals with the necessary insight into high-level enforcement decision-making essential to pursuing an informed defense strategy. We pride ourselves not only on our excellent record in the courtroom, but on our ability to creatively resolve many investigations and proceedings before they reach the charging stage.

Scope of Our Services

Our attorneys represent individuals and corporations in criminal, civil and administrative matters at the federal, state and local levels. We conduct our clients' internal investigations, structure their defenses, interact with the enforcement community, and design and implement corporate compliance programs.

Our full scope of services includes the following:

  • Defend corporations and other enterprises and individuals who are subjects, targets or witnesses in government investigations, criminal trials and appeals, as well as in related civil regulatory, or administrative litigations.
  • Respond rapidly to all stages of an investigation, ranging from summons and subpoena compliance and grand jury practice to the execution of search warrants or the unsealing of criminal indictments fraud complaints and administrative agency actions.
  • Conduct thorough internal investigations to assess compliance issues, determine whether questionable conduct has occurred, and provide a complete factual, legal and risk analysis.
  • Help avoid or reduce enforcement action by working with clients to fashion, implement and monitor compliance programs which conform to agency protocols and the advisory Federal Sentencing Guidelines.
  • Evaluate the need for voluntary disclosure to relevant government agencies, execute such disclosure when necessary, negotiate corporate integrity agreements, and monitor corporate compliance moving forward.
  • Defend collateral civil and administrative proceedings such as suspensions, debarments or exclusions and civil lawsuits in which fraud is alleged.
  • Counsel and defend on matters including regulatory compliance, fraud and abuse, government contracting and reimbursement, internal theft and corruption, computer security, identity theft, as well as health care, securities, tax, insurance, mail, wire and financial institution fraud. 

We assist clients in the following areas:

  • Health care
  • Antitrust
  • Environmental
  • Tax
  • Fraud
  • Labor
  • Securities
  • Government contracting
  • Trademark infringement
  • RICO
  • Official corruption
  • Money laundering

We also represent fraud victims, pursuing litigation when necessary to recover losses from both the perpetrators of the fraud and culpable third parties. At the same time, we partner with Anderson Kill's fabled Insurance Recovery Group to seek insurance coverage for the losses.