The Who’s Who of CryptoLaw Twitter--2021

Law of Code

Stephen Palley, Preston Byrne and Hailey Lennon were all recently mentioned in a Law of Code article, August 4, 2021.

Stephen Palley

Partner at the Washington D.C. office of Anderson Kill, he is co-chair of Anderson Kill’s recently launched Blockchain and Virtual Currency group. He has written and been quoted widely on legal issues arising from the use of Blockchain technology, with appearances in both print and television media.  Very smart and knowledgeable on all things crypto, you’ll learn plenty (and have the occasional laugh) from Stephen’s tweets. After reviewing his profile, can confirm he looks different than his twitter photo.

Preston Byrne

Not only does Preston have a dog with laser eyes (awesome), he also knows crypto laws inside and out. Partner at Anderson Kill, Preston’s practice focuses on helping early-stage technology companies with corporate transactions, IP, and other complex cross-border legal issues. He previously co-founded and was COO of early enterprise blockchain startup Monax, the first permissioned blockchain, in 2014. He also runs a very interesting blog in his namesake.

Hailey Lennon

As a Partner at Anderson Kill, Hailey provides legal consulting to crypto and fintech companies. She previously spent time as regulatory counsel for various companies in the crypto space, including Coinbase, bitFlyer, and Silvergate Bank. Her tweets are both entertaining and informative, and she frequently speaks at major conferences about the laws surrounding cryptocurrencies.

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