The Question You Should Ask All Lateral Hires


The lateral market is hot, and law firms are nervous about missing out on top talent. But that doesn't mean firms should be jumping at everyone looking to make a move. So, what should law firms be asking to hire the best fits? Here, lawyers tell Law360 the one question every firm should ask prospective lateral hires.

Cort T. Malone shares his thoughts on what every firm should ask prospective laterals hires:

“'What is the best thing that you can do to integrate yourself into this firm?' First, the question indicates that laterals will be expected to become part of the firm community, and helps determine how they most likely would contribute to the firm’s culture and growth. Second, the question seeks a specific response — the best thing laterals can do to become part of the firm. While a list of various actions in response is fine, I still want to hear recognition that I was seeking one prioritized action. Finally, I’m sincerely interested in the candidates’ ideas for successful lateral integration."

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