3 Reasons Why Being A Good Lawyer Just Isn't Enough


A good lawyer is often viewed as someone with a record of understanding and using the law to his or her client’s advantage, but in today’s industry, an exceptional knowledge of the law alone just doesn’t cut it, experts say.

When it’s all said and done, an attorney in today’s legal industry needs a bevy of skills to stay ahead of the game.

According to Jerry Goldman, shareholder at Anderson Kill PC

"Lawyers are more than likely going to be working alongside many other people, whether it’s a client’s general counsel, colleagues within their own firm or attorneys at other firms,"
“Good lawyers know when to check the ego by the door,” he said.

“Somebody’s not going to be able to excel at everything, and that’s why collaboration is important,” he added. “That doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be a hard-nosed adversary when you negotiate.” 

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