Dacheng Parts With Chinese Pharma Client In $6M Suit


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A month after a failed arbitration bid, attorneys with Dacheng Law Offices LLP have asked a New York federal judge for permission to withdraw as counsel for a Chinese herbal pharmaceuticals manufacturer in a $6 million lawsuit over a botched note offering, saying Friday they are no longer authorized to represent the company.

Speaking to Law360 on Friday, Euro Pacific attorney David Graff of Anderson Kill PC said his side can no longer be sure of what Bohai intends to do in light of the withdrawal of “its excellent counsel.”

“That it comes in the aftermath of Bohai’s losing bid to compel arbitration in China, from our perspective, fits with our theory articulated within our briefs that Bohai does not want to face U.S. courts on the merits of the action as stated against it by the plaintiffs,” he said.

He added that if Bohai fails to obtain new counsel and answer his clients’ complaint, the plaintiffs will immediately move for judgment and commence “the techniques for recovery from Chinese enterprises pioneered by their counsel.”