The New York Attorney General's Office A Legal Resource for Co-ops and Condos

The New York Cooperator

In The New York Cooperator, Andrew Freedland explained the scope of the Attorney General's obligations to co-ops and condominiums:

What happens after your building’s offering plan goes into effect? What ongoing relationship does the Attorney General’s office have with your condo or co-op? Andrew Freedland, an attorney with Anderson Kill, a law firm based in New York that regularly interfaces with the AG’s office says:

“The Attorney General’s office doesn’t have a per se relationship with co-op corporations or condo associations. Their relationship is really with the sponsor. The AG’s role in co-op and condo life is to act as a watchdog, to make sure that the offerings put forward within the State of New York are fair and honest representations of what is going to be purchased by those folks who buy units, whether in a co-op, condo or HOA. Once any actual board has no sponsor reps, there’s no real, direct interaction. The AG’s interactions are with the sponsor.”

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