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Justices Reinstate Punitive Damages for Embassy Bomb Victims

Courthouse News Service

WASHINGTON (CN) — Sudan owes more than $10 billion for sponsoring the simultaneous 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings by al-Qaida that killed 200 people in Kenya and Tanzania, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, refusing to eliminate punitive damages.

Though it’s been 12 years since Congress opened state sponsors of terrorism up to the possibility of punitive damages, the case here resolves whether the change to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act has retroactivity.


Cyber Insurance Demand Heats Up As COVID-19 Hacks Rise


One factor that could impact whether coverage is available is how the cyber liability policy defines a covered computer network or hardware, and if this definition encompasses the range of personal devices and networks that employees are increasingly tapping into from home during the pandemic.

"We're likely going to see some instances where people have been hacked through their home office, and that's going to test some of these insurance policies because every policy is d

The SEC killed Telegram's $1.7B crypto project. Who's next?


In brief

Telegram has abandoned its blockchain project, TON.
It crumbled after the SEC chased after it's $1.7 billion ICO.
The ICO was structured as a "SAFT," the same method many other crypto startups used to raise hundreds of millions.

Today is a sad day for us here at Telegram,” wrote Pavel Durov, co-founder of Telegram, yesterday in a blog post. Durov had just announced

SEC shoots down Telegram’s TON blockchain

Modern Consensus


The demise of the Telegram Open Network (TON) means the days of crypto projects raising significant amounts of money by pre-selling tokens have come and gone, well-known cryptocurrency lawyer Stephen Palley told Modern Consensus.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced on May 12 that his messaging platform’s active involvement with TON is over—using a blog post to lambast the U.S. judge who effectively stopped the project from going ahead.