Insurance Coverage Litigation Primer

DATE: Friday, October 23, 2015

TIME: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

VENUE: Hawaii Convention Center

ORGANIZER: Hawaii State Bar Association

This is a three hour, introductory course, targeted at the general civil litigation practitioner and corporate business attorney, which will present an introductory overview of common insurance issues that arise, including the following topics.

  • How to Read an Insurance Policy
    • Parts of a Policy
    • Hawaii Law Regarding Construction of Policy Provisions
    • Burdens of Proof 
      • e Insuring Agreement
      • Exclusions
      • Exceptions
  • Notice
    • Requirement of Notice
    • Timeliness of Notice
    • Consequences of Late Notice 
  • Common Coverage Provisions
    • Duty to Defend
      • Matters Considered In Coverage Determination
      • Scope of the Insurer's Obligation
      • Insured's Rights and Duties
      • Termination of Insurer's Duty to Defend 
    • Duty to Indemnify 
      • Limits of Liability
      • Duty to Settle 
  • The Insurer's Duties and Obligations Regarding Claims Handling 
    • Reservation of Rights and Denial Letters Explained and Differentiated
    • Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act Requirements
    • Duty to Cooperate and Limitations
    • Remedies for Insurer's Breach of Claims Handling Duties 
      • Complaints to the Insurance Commissioner
      • Bad Faith
        • History and Origins of Bad Faith
        • Legal Standard of Bad Faith
        • Bad Faith Remedies 

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