Cyber Coverage For Things That Go Boom! -- Hackers Out To Destroy

DATE: Monday, April 29, 2019

TIME: 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

VENUE: Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, 415 Summer Street, Boston, MA

ORGANIZER: 2019 RIMS National Conference

If asked by your Board or investors whether the company has insurance coverage for damage and injuries caused by cyber compromises, it would be understandable to respond hmmmm.  Hackers have upped their game and their means of attacking critical infrastructure.  Gone are the days where hackers are solely motivated by theft of funds.  Today's hackers are super sophisticated and enjoy state-sponsored backing.  Meanwhile, the Internet of things has spilled over to industrial controls.  While purchase of a quality cyber insurance product is a critical first step, policyholders may still be left scrambling for insurance protection where 21st Century risks cause classic property damage and bodily injuries.  Where cyber criminals target temperature controls in industrial facilities, policyholders will need to ensure coverage is available for first and third party claims.  The consequences for failing here can be catastrophic.

This session will explore complex coverage issues to avoid traps and gaps where cyber policies don't properly align with GL and property coverages to address injuries, damage and resulting business income losses.

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