Captive Innovation and Cyber Risk Cap-a-thon 2018

DATE: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

TIME: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM

VENUE: Upward Hartford, 20 Church Street, Mezzanine Level, Hartford, CT 06103

ORGANIZER: Connecticut Captives Insurance Association

It is the Connecticut Captive Insurance Association's ("CCIA") unique approach to innovation.  It is an intentional, design sprint event in which business leaders, contributors and other subject matter experts come together to learn and intensively collaborate on a project or innovation.

The structure is loosely based on "hackathon" concepts and will provide a condensed time for collaborative work.  The center piece of this event is cyber security. The day will focus on innovations for captive insurance entities -- as platforms for risk management and risk aggregation to impact the management of current and emerging risks faced by captive owners.

Innovative solutions offer a set of products and processes, cobbled together to create impact and enhanced value.  The "hackathon" concepts accelerate the development process by rapidly advancing the concepts through series of development stages with the output being actionable -- refined throughout the process.

The output of the Cap-a-thon is a solution that successfully addresses or manages a specific risk issue, market need, and potentially a disruptive approach.

Join us for a day of engaged learning and collaboration, with a focus on one of the most significant risk exposures for every organization which encompasses financial, reputational, physical and operational aspects -- cyber risk!