Anderson Kill's 7th Annual Cyber Insurance Recovery Webinar

DATE: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

TIME: 1:00 PM - 2:50 PM

ORGANIZER: Anderson Kill

Webinar Recording: 7th Annual Cyber Insurance Recovery Webinar

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Cyber risk remains at peak levels as the world emerges from the pandemic. While remote working has become the norm, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked a whole new set of concerns that cyber attacks may be unleashed in the wake of this instability and aggression.

Couple those risks with an ever-evolving ransomware landscape where more potent strains exfiltrate data while locking systems and damaging files, and a perfect storm exists for organizational cyber risk — including as it may affect critical infrastructure and finance. Thus, data theft and privacy breach concerns almost always accompany a serious ransomware attack these days. Understanding these risks is a critical part of a proactive approach to corporate risk management and insurance mitigation strategies.

Additionally, other privacy risks and liabilities continue to unfold.

Biometrics is more than just a new buzzword. Though laws covering biometric information have been around for over a decade, the increased actual use of biometric data — due partially to the pandemic and partially to increased comfort with technology — has led to liability issues and litigation. Coverage litigation is actively underway, concerning liability from BIPA. In Illinois, BIPA has been the focus of attention for some time and in 2021 policyholders welcomed favorable court decisions on insurance coverage for biometric-related liabilities. Understanding where biometrics and coverage for related liabilities is heading will only increase in importance as biometric use in traditional business models becomes increasingly widespread.

All of these risks can be — and are being — addressed by insurance coverage. The extent of coverage and success in pursuing claims can vary widely. As with other inflationary events, cyber insurance has gotten much more expensive, with capacity shifting for certain risks. Skillfully linking insurance coverage with technology risks is key to understanding whether an organization will have insurance protection should the unthinkable happen.

Presenters this year will review these risks, the technologies that companies need to think about, and the types of insurance coverage lines and terms that may be best suited to offer protection. Please join us for an up-to-the-minute review of high-tech risks and insurance coverage.

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Joshua Gold, Esq.
Anderson Kill
Chair of Anderson Kill's Cyber Insurance Recovery Group

Daniel J. Healy, Esq.
Anderson Kill
Co-Chair of Anderson Kill's Cyber Insurance Recovery Group

Luma S. Al-Shibib, Esq.
Anderson Kill

Alisa Langford Marion
Senior Vice President
Willis Towers Watson

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