Construction Insurance, A Comprehensive Overview

AGC New York State Webinar

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DATE: Thursday, April 21, 2016

TIME: 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

This comprehensive overview of insurance provides insight into the six areas that most impact a construction company.

Topics will include:

  • State of the Insurance Industry - What factors affect premiums to skyrocket?
  • Anatomy of a Policy - Learn the four main parts of the insurance policy.
  • The Marketing Process - Who determines your premium and how is it calculated?
  • Risk Transfer - The most in-depth portion of the seminar, proper indemnification is required before a claim occurs to ensure proper risk transfer. 
  • Safety - The effects of a company-wide safety program on your premiums.
  • Claims Management - before, during and after an incident occurs and return to work programs.

The following legal areas are reviewed:

  • Contractual indemnification;
  • Additional insured status;
  • Endorsements/exclusions that can reduce your coverage or increase your deductible;
  • Horizontal/Vertical exhaustion - whose policy covers after the first GL policy limits are exhausted;
  • Notice requirements - change in the law; and
  • The insurance certificate - recent changes that will affect you.

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