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Tips For Effectively Putting Hurricane-Related Insurance Claims To Rest

News stories in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irene stressed that the damage wrought by the storm was not as bad as feared. While we can all be thankful for that, it is also true that thousands of businesses and homes up and down the eastern seaboard sustained physical damage and business interruption losses. Early estimates placed property damage and commercial losses in the neighborhood of $7 billion. Many businesses will therefore be looking to their insurance companies to recover the myriad losses from the storm.

Although picking up the pieces after Irene will be challenging, the below article provides essential tips to help business policyholders maximize their Irene-related insurance claims. 

"Goodnight, Irene – Tips for Effectively Putting Hurricane-Related Insurance Claims to Rest" AKO Policyholder Alert (September 1, 2011) by Darin J. McMullen and Pamela D. Hans

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