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Anderson Kill to Focus On Core Practices

New York, NY (January 22, 2008) - Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C. announces that it has restructured its lead practice areas to focus the firm's efforts on its core insurance recovery practice, along with other robust practices in corporate and securities, litigation, real estate & construction, tax, trusts & estates, bankruptcy & restructuring, and intellectual property.  The change is a result of an amicable departure of several of its 69 shareholders, who have agreed to join Reed Smith.

"We recently held merger discussions with Reed Smith.  We terminated the discussions because of conflicts of interest issues," said Robert Horkovich, Executive Committee member and chair of Anderson Kill's insurance recovery group.  Horkovich added that, in a rare departure from how these changes usually occur, Anderson Kill and Reed Smith are cooperating on this change and are coordinating the transition.

The merger discussions gave Anderson Kill an opportunity to consider moving to a larger platform.  The substantial majority of shareholders decided that such a move was not best for Anderson Kill or its clients.

Bradford Hildebrandt, chairman of Hildebrandt International said, "This is truly a unique situation.  The change will help both firms.  Anderson Kill will be able to refocus on its insurance recovery practice.  Reed Smith is able to add attorneys to its core practices who will benefit from the larger platform."

"Anderson Kill shall move forward as the leading insurance recovery firm in the world. And we shall move forward in our other core practices" said Eugene R. Anderson, founder and lead name partner of the firm.

The 43 out of 69 shareholders who are staying at Anderson Kill believe the firm has a number of competitive advantages.

  • Anderson Kill delivers unsurpassed expertise that is more cost effective for clients.
  • Anderson Kill has no insurance company conflicts.
  • Anderson Kill can provide more personalized service than larger firms.

Numerous clients previously serviced by departing shareholders have expressed a desire to continue with their representation by Anderson Kill for these and other reasons.

Horkovich emphasized that the restructured Anderson Kill is financially strong, having invested heavily in the firm for the future and having eliminated all debt.

Nearly two-thirds of the shareholders committed to staying at the firm.  They believe that a continued Anderson Kill is best for their clients, their own personal growth and for associates.  Anderson Kill encourages all of its attorneys to become experts in their chosen field, and invests heavily in that process.  Anderson Kill attorneys cherish the firm's culture of collegiality, creative thinking, and the absence of barriers between lawyers at different levels.

Anderson Kill will continue to have offices in New York, Philadelphia, Newark, Washington, D.C. and Greenwich, CT.  The four attorney Chicago office will be closing.

About Anderson Kill:
Anderson Kill & Olick, P.C. was founded in 1969 on the principles of integrity, excellence in the practice of law, and straightforward solutions to complex legal issues. Anderson Kill practices in the areas of Bankruptcy & Restructuring, Corporate & Commercial Litigation, Corporate & Securities, Employment & Labor Law, Insurance Recovery, Intellectual Property, Real Estate & Construction, Tax, and Trusts & Estates. The firm has offices in New York, Greenwich, Newark, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C.

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Carol Ueckerman

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